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We are a Software development firm based out of Bangalore, India with primary focus on the digital needs of micro, small and medium sized Businesses (SMB SME MSME).

Our deep expertise in the Industry has enabled us to deliver quality artifacts consistently over time. Since the year 2005 we have successfully delivered Software solutions to Small Businesses and Global Enterprises alike.

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The Problem

  • Contracts, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Quotations, User Manuals, Customer support records, Student records, Shipping Documents...
    In this digital era everything is in a digital Document - File.
  • Overtime Organizations accumulate 100s and 1000s of Digital Documents which spread across various media - Personal Computers, USB Drives, Cloud Drives and etc.
    Some are lost and eventually forgotten.
  • When it is time to retrieve Documents, it entirely depends on one's ability to remember and recollect the location and relevance of those Documents. This is not only inefficient but some times quite challenging.
  • Ad-hoc storage of Files makes retrieval harder and will only add to the problems.

Documents/ Files are priceless Digital Assets of an Organization and needs management in terms of systematic storage and quick retrieval.

The Solution

  • What if you could store 100s and 1000s of your precious digital Assets systematically in a central location and search their contents in a matter of sub-second?
  • What if you could maintain and search existing Documents while preparing a Contract or a Sales Quote in less than a second?
  • What if you could maintain and retrieve a complete support history of a Customer in sub-second?
  • What if you could maintain and pull up Student's record in milliseconds?

Systematic management of Digital Assets imparts incremental, direct and significant benefits overtime. It positively impacts the way an Organization performs.

just-docs helps you do just that.


  • just-docs helps Organizations store their Digital Assets in a central location and build a knowledge base that lasts years.
  • just-docs helps Organizations find relevant Documents in a jiffy!

Whether you are looking to grow your Organization or
improve the prevalent practices in your Organization or
cut costs and augment your existing System,
just-docs will surely play its part.

Few use cases for just-docs

  • Store and search quotations with specific products.
  • Store and search Documents with specific contractual terms.
  • Store and search support history of Customers.
  • Store and search Resumes - HR Consultancy/ Recruitment firms.
  • Store and search Product manuals and User guides provided in PDF format.
  • Store and search Technical articles, dissertations and etc.
  • Educational institutions: Manage Student history.
  • Archive E-Mails (.eml files) and search through them.

Technical Details

  • With just-docs all your digital Assets remains with you. You don't have to store your digital Assets on a third party Internet Application service. Thus the security and transparency associated with your Data is assured.
  • just-docs can either be hosted on your premise or on the Cloud.
  • Other than simple term and phrase searches, just-docs supports fuzzy search, proximity search and, searching with Boolean operators and groupings in order to find relevant Candidates easily and accurately.
  • With a supported Web Browser, multiple users can simultaneously use just-docs from anywhere on the Network.

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